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Finding The Time to Write!

I am always on full scramble to try and find the time to write on a consistent basis. It is difficult and is a moving target. Working full time in a demanding career (pays the bills!) takes precedence whether I want it to or not but it does. Add in the everyday workings of life (shopping, errands, etc) and your free time gets chewed up and before you know it your week has disappeared and you are into the next week. In the meantime your book sits idle for another week. I always like to hear how other people find the time. This is what I do that doesn’t work completely for me but at least it guarantees me ten hours a week. I schedule writing time in my calendar and treat it no different if it was an appointment with a client. I schedule my Saturday and Sunday mornings, five hours each day. Then if I am able to find additional time during the week (cancelled appointments, evenings) then I treat them as valuable bonus time. It is important that I spend down time in the evenings with my wife otherwise it will erode the great support that I have. When I move into the home stretch of a novel (the last ten chapters) then I basically lock myself in my office every night to get it done. My wife closes the door behind me as we both know the end is in sight.

Am I in the home stretch yet in Book Three of the Superstars Trilogy? Not yet but stay tuned because I am close.
Finding the Time


Did anyone else besides me catch the fightfest in Vancouver Saturday night between the NHL Calgary Flames and the Vancouver Canucks? Opening face off and both teams ignore the puck and instead all players on the ice paired up except for the goalies and proceeded to slug it out. What made this rare event an even rarer event was the coach of Vancouver made his way to the Flames dressing room between periods to confront and slug it out with the Calgary coach. For that he got suspended and rightly so.

For all the changes to the game over the last ten years whenever you have 200lb bodies colliding, intentionally or not all night long and night after night, tempers will explode and something like this fiasco takes place. The hockey purists love it and the people worried about a game like this tempering the league’s unprecedented growth create an old debate once more.

I say bring it.

Mechanics of Writing – Part 3, “Set the Word Count”

In Mechanics of Writing Part 3, I want to talk about setting the word count. Do you know how long you want your novel to be? What will your word count look like? You need to have an idea before you begin fleshing out each of your chapters you have created in your ‘Outline’. If you have mapped out 40 chapters and you want your novel to come in at approximately 40,000 words then try and keep your chapters at 1000 words each. I find this the most helpful. It also allows for more consistent flow from chapter to chapter rather than forcing the reader to go from a page and half chapter to a 8 page chapter. It also keeps you on a pattern and also forces you to include more detail, characterization or scene description to fill out your story. Have fun with this and if you come to a roadblock in reaching your target word count for a chapter, leave it and come back to it. Often when you come back to a incomplete chapter ideas will automatically flow again to finish off that chapter. I also find that by using the mindset that each chapter in your outline is like its own little mini story it will keep you focused better on just writing that specific chapter. Sometimes I find myself when I am writing a chapter thinking to much on how the chapter may fit overall in the story rather than just letting the words flow. In other words, don’t over think things. Start the new chapter from your outline and write and don’t worry so much on how its going to flow with the other chapters so much. You can fix that or smooth it out when you write a 2nd draft or during the edit stage.


Chloë McClosky – The Irish Songstress

The heroine Chloë McClosky, the strong Irish lass who leads the members of Vasallus through the turbulent seas of their evil roots is a character that readers have already compared to the character Katniss in The Hunger Games. Faced with an unspeakable truth in the origins of her birth the brave and mega talented singer stands up against the Devil that gave her life to save not only her life but the lives of the other members of Vasallus in a epic battle of good vs evil. With a voice of an angel Chloë electrifies her fans around the world with her incredible voice but is tormented by the reality of her past. Knowing the blood of the Anti-Christ flows through her she clings to the hope that the blood of her human mother will set her free.

Surrounded by danger and incredible evil her courage and bravery makes her character one of the most memorable female characters in fiction lore. It was a pleasure writing the character of Chloë McClosky knowing readers would endear themselves to Chloë in a big way.