2013 – What a Year!

The year 2012, I thought was a great year for me with the release of my very first book, Evil Rises. The next year, 2013 has turned out to be a very special year in my life. Here’s why:
– The year started with my 50th birthday in January! Did I feel any different on this birthday. Of course I did! Was I depressed or down on life because I turned 50? No, of course not but I did recognize the number as a wakeup call that I have completed 2/3 of my life (hoping just half!). A sense of clarity and appreciation for what I have and what I want to accomplish with my life.
– I completed and published Book Two of the Superstars Trilogy, Vasallus. I am very proud and thrilled with how the story picked up from Book One and then taken to the next level. So exciting!
– I got engaged to my sweetheart of three years, Kellie. She is every bit the cliches that are said when describing the one you love. Luck and fortunate only begin to describe how blessed I am.
– I am healthy and so are my family and friends. Another blessing.

Here’s to what remains of 2013!


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